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Mastering Dialogflow: Build Smart Chatbots using Dialogflow Course

Become a Dialogflow expert, Learn Dialogflow from Scratch

Welcome to my course on Mastering Dialogflow. First of all, Thank you so much for joining me in this journey. Together we will create some really cool and incredible chatbots. This course will help you go from being novice to becoming a pro in building chatbots using Dialogflow ES. I will be your instructor and guide throughout this course.

This course is divided into 4 parts. In the first part, we will learn the basics of Dialogflow. We will learn about Basic terms such as Intents, Entities, Parameters, Contexts, Follow up intents, Custom Entities etc.

In the second part, we will deep dive into Dialogflow. In this part, we will learn about integration of Dialogflow with different platforms and tools such as integration with Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Google Business Messages, Firebase database, Dynamo DB, MySQL, Google Spreadsheets, APIs, etc.

Third part is dedicatedly about building Whatsapp Chatbot with Dialogflow. In this section we will learn about how to build and launch a Whatsapp Chatbot. We will learn about integrating Dialogflow with Twilio for Whatsapp, Sending and receiving Rich media in Whatsapp etc.

Finally the last section is about Advanced topics. In this section we will learn about sending emails from Dialogflow, Working with Billing accounts in Google Cloud, Deploying fulfillment code locally, and few other advanced topics. I will keep refreshing this course with latest tutorial videos so you will always get the latest videos and when it is updated in the course.

What you’ll learn

  • How to create a Dialogflow Chatbot
  • How to Connect Dialogflow Chatbots with API and Databases
  • Exploring features of Dialogflow ES
  • Building Whatsapp Chatbot using Dialogflow

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