Master Network Automation with Python for Network Engineers

Master Network Automation with Python for Network Engineers

Boost your Python Network Programming Skills. Real-Life Hands-On Python Automation: Netmiko, Paramiko, Napalm, Cisco etc

Learn one of the most hot topic in the Networking Industry and become one of the best Network Engineer! Just starting out with Network Automation or Network Programming using Python and have the desire to learn the future of Network Programmability in a practical way? Perfect. This course is for you. You’ll boost your career with hands-on Network Programming Skills!

Or, you’ve already tried to learn Network Automation with Python by yourself and now you want to put all pieces together. I’m here to help you, this course has everything you need to know about how to automate network configuration with Python.

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What you’ll learn

  • Learn how to automate the configuration of networking devices with Python 3 in a Multivendor Environment
  • Learn network programmability with Python and GNS3.
  • Learn and apply advanced Python concepts like Multiprocessing and Multithreading in Network Automation
  • See real-world examples of automation scripts with Python for Cisco IOS, Arista EOS or Linux
  • Understand how to use Telnet and SSH with Python for network automation
  • Learn how to use and improve Paramiko for network automation and programmability
  • Learn how to use Netmiko for automation of common administration tasks with Python
    Use NAPALM Python library in a Multivendor Environment
  • Learn how to configure networking devices with Python using a Serial Console Connection
    Improve the existing Python modules and create your own modules for network automation

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