Master Laravel 8 for Beginners & Intermediate

Master Laravel for Beginners & Intermediate Course

Get from zero to proficiency in Laravel PHP Framework in one week! Course for beginners and intermediate students!

Learn Laravel with this brand-new course covering Laravel from A-Z for beginners! Laravel is the most popular choice among PHP developers these days. It’s easiest to start with, most fun to use and very performant ecosystem of tools, that just lets you get the job done.

Laravel can change the way you look at PHP in general. With PHP 8 ahead, it’s a completely different language that it used to be. Laravel is like Ruby on Rails in the PHP world. Or even better. It’s expressive, fun, fluent, easy to learn, easy to use. Beginners and professionals alike just love it! You have an only chance to join this group of happy people, having fun while building things and getting paid to do so 🙂

This Master Laravel for Beginners & Intermediate course is the only resource you will ever need (apart from my other courses) to learn everything about Laravel. How to set it up, how to get started, and then, how to achieve all the powerful things modern web development has to offer!

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What you’ll learn

  • Eloquent – ORM for interacting with the database.
  • Advanced features like Queues, Polymorphic relationships, Service Container
  • Learn all the theory while building a real application as you progress!
  • Setting up PHP with Apache on Windows and Mac
  • How to use Visual Studio Code effectively
  • Creating APIs, serializing data, API resources and API testing
  • Routes and Controllers
  • Laravel Tinker – command line playground to Laravel

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