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Master Laravel 10 for Beginners & Intermediate 2023 Course

Master Laravel 10: Build 5 Real-World Projects! Unlock Web Development Skills with In-Demand PHP Framework!

Master Laravel for Beginners & Intermediate 2023. This course is designed for beginners and will help you unlock web development skills with the in-demand PHP framework. The course is created by Piotr Jura and has over 45,000 enrollments. Get started on your Laravel journey with our comprehensive course designed for beginners! Laravel has emerged as the top pick among PHP developers for its simplicity, high performance, and wide-ranging suite of tools that streamline the web development process.

As PHP 8 unfolds, Laravel is all set to redefine your perception of PHP altogether. It’s like the Ruby on Rails of the PHP universe, and perhaps even superior. It’s expressive, fun, fluent, easy to master, and a breeze to use. Both newcomers and seasoned professionals can’t seem to get enough of it! Now, you have the opportunity to join this community of satisfied individuals who enjoy building things and earn while doing so.

Our Laravel course is all you’ll ever need to understand everything about this robust framework – setting it up, getting started, and leveraging its powerful capabilities for modern web development. We’ll cover in depth 5 key projects in 2023.

What you’ll learn

  • Laravel Setup: Learn how to setup and configure Laravel.
  • MVC Architecture: Understand Laravel’s MVC design pattern.
  • Routing: Master Laravel’s critical routing system.
  • Blade Templating: Use Laravel’s Blade for managing views.
  • Eloquent ORM: Explore database management with Eloquent ORM.
  • Database Seeding: Learn migrations and seeding in Laravel.
  • RESTful APIs: Develop APIs handling JSON requests/responses.
  • Auth Systems: Build secure apps with Laravel’s auth systems.
  • Front-end Integration: Integrate Laravel with front-end libraries.
  • Real-world Apps: Create five practical projects in Laravel.

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