Machine Learning with Javascript

Machine Learning with Javascript (JS)

Master Machine Learning from scratch using Javascript and TensorflowJS with hands-on projects.

Machine Learning is the future of everything. In the coming years, there won’t be a single industry in the world untouched by Machine Learning. A transformative force, you can either choose to understand it now, or lose out on a wave of incredible change. You probably already use apps many times each day that rely upon Machine Learning techniques. So why stay in the dark any longer?

There are many courses on Machine Learning already available. I built this course to be the best introduction to the topic. No subject is left untouched, and we never leave any area in the dark. If you take this course, you will be prepared to enter and understand any sub-discipline in the world of Machine Learning.

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What you’ll learn

  • Assemble machine learning algorithms from scratch!
  • Build interesting applications using Javascript and ML techniques
  • Understand how ML works without relying on mysterious libraries
  • Optimize your algorithms with advanced performance and memory usage profiling
  • Use the low-level features of Tensorflow JS to supercharge your algorithms
  • Grow a strong intuition of ML best practices

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