LINQ Tutorial: Master the Key C# Library

LINQ Tutorial: Master the Key C# Library

Learn every method from LINQ by practice. Lots of coding exercises! Become fluent in the most useful .NET library.

Welcome to the “LINQ Tutorial: Master the Key C# Library”, the only course you need to become fluent in using library essential for every C# programmer.

No matter what application you work on or ever will work on – you will always need to manipulate collections. Whether it’s ordering, filtering, or transforming collections, or anything else – LINQ is the tool for the job. As a core part of .NET, it’s a library that every C# programmer must know. LINQ provides the ability to not only query the collections stored in application memory, but also remote data sources, like databases or XML files.

Check out the free video about one of the most commonly used methods from LINQ – the Where method.

This course is practice-oriented. After each lecture, you will solve two coding exercises and one refactoring challenge, where you will transform an awkward code into an elegant, short, and clean code using LINQ. Even if you won’t be able to solve the exercise right off the bat, don’t worry – an article with a detailed explanation of the solution is provided for each exercise.

This course is for everyone with basic knowledge of C#. Every topic will be explained in detail. In the introduction section, you will learn all you need to continue, like what lambda expressions are or what IEnumerable is.

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What you’ll learn

  • You will learn every method from LINQ library.
  • You will practice LINQ with 64 coding exercises.
  • You will learn how to refactor the code to use LINQ with 32 refactoring challenges.
  • You will become fluent in using LINQ.
  • You will master both query syntax and method syntax.
  • You will understand how LINQ works under the hood.
  • You will understand what lambdas are.

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