Lighting In Unity | The Art of Lighting for Games

Lighting In Unity | The Art of Lighting for Games

Learn how lighting works in the Unity game engine and make AAA quality scenes

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Making AAA quality visuals is not as hard as you think. you don’t need to be great at 3D math, programming or art.

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What you’ll learn

  • Gain Experience in lighting 3D objects and gorgeous environments in Unity for a variety of platforms including PCs, mobile devices, and XR
  • Gain complete knowledge about Unity’s lighting system by prototyping 3D environments
  • Gain Experience to be used in game development or other real-time 3D application development such as simulation and design visualization
  • Make your scenes look more visually appealing with clever lighting strategies
  • Master the Unity’s lighting pipeline
  • Build artifact and error free lighting
  • Learn advanced lighting concepts such as Global Illumination, Light baking, Reflections, Light Probes and much more
  • Learn how to make your games look more interesting and cinematic using lighting
  • Learn every Minute Detail about Lighting by working on various challenges
  • Learn Advanced Tech art in unity and create realistic lighting for your games.
  • Discover the latest environment lighting techniques and different material channels

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