Learn Unitys Entity Component System to Optimise Your Games

Learn Unity’s Entity Component System to Optimise Your Games

Update your Unity programming skills to take advantage of the new Data Orientated Technology Stack and Burst Compiler

Unity’s new Data-Oriented Technology Stack (DOTS) and Entity Component System (ECS) programming paradigm have been developed to optimize game development and open up new ways of accessing memory and parallel processing for developing high-performance C# code that takes advantage of contemporary multicore computers. Through the use of the Burst Compiler, your game programs become native code, able to run faster on multiple threads thus pushing the boundaries of the size of your virtual environments and the simultaneous processing of tens of thousands of game objects.

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What you’ll learn

  • Take existing Unity projects created without the use of DOTs and convert them to employ parallel processing and the entity component system.
  • The advantages and disadvantages of using DOTs.

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