Learn to Write Unity Compute Shaders

Learn to Write Unity Compute Shaders

Harness the power of the GPU

By learning to create Compute Shaders, you will put yourself at the cutting edge of Unity development. Unlike a traditional shader, you can use a Compute Shader to handle any data manipulation problem, where having dozens (or even hundreds) of threads running simultaneously causing a bottleneck in your game to run many, many times faster. In this course you will start from small steps, learning the basics of compute shaders. First, we look at passing data from the CPU to the GPU using buffers. Then we’ll look at using these buffers in our calculations. Once you have this initial grounding, you learn how to use these techniques to create blisteringly-fast post-processing filters. You can use Compute Shaders to handle particle effects and flocking calculations. In the course, you’ll create a flock of thousands of birds where each bird flaps its wings in sync with its speed through the air. Divide and conquer is the way, with Compute Shaders. By using hundreds of threads running simultaneously, we develop a GPU Physics engine that can handle thousands of tumbling chess pieces. Compute Shaders are ideal for handling the orientation of grass blades as an avatar moves through grass. The challenging subject of fluids (both 2D and 3D) are covered in the course and you’ll see how much this computationally-intensive field benefits from Compute Shaders.

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What you’ll learn

  • How to write Unity Compute Shaders
  • How to use ComputeShaders in post processing image filters
  • How to use ComputeShaders for particle effects and flocking
  • How use StructuredBuffers to share data between a ComputeShader and an instancing Surface Shader
  • Using ComputeShaders to handle fluid simulations
  • Using ComputeShaders to create a Physics engine

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