Learn Protractor(Angular Testing) with JavaScript

Learn Protractor(Angular Testing) with JavaScript

Web Automation Testing using Protractor

Protractor turns out be the Hottest Automation testing tool in the market with sudden increase in demand of of JavaScript Frameworks like Angular, React for Front End UI development. Protractor is developed by Angular core team and takes clear edge over all other testing tools for Angular Apps automation in terms of stability, reliability ,Performance and Code complexity.

Best Seller CourseGetting started with Test Automation using Protractor

Topics Covered in This Course:

JavaScript Programming: Introduction to Javascript, DOM (Document Object Model), Environment setup on Windows & Mac, JavaScript Comments & Statements, Variables, Data Types, Opearators, Conditional statements, Looping statements, Functions in Javasript, Objects in JavaScript, Arrays, Array Functions in JavaScript, Date Object, Strings in JavaScript, Numbers in JavaScript, Object Oriented Programming, Class, Object & Methods, Constructor, static keyword in JavaScript, Encapsulation, Inheritance, Prototype, Polymorphism, JSON to JavaScript Object Conversion

Web UI Automation using Protractor: Introduction to Protractor, Environment setup on Windows & Mac, How to write test cases in Protractor, Locators, Jasmin framework for Protractor, Handle Elements – Input box,Button,DropDown,Alerts. Handle Web Table, Automate Non-AngularJS Application, Handle Elements -Frames, Handling Mouse Operations, Mouse Hover, Right click, Double click, Drag and DropDown, Page Object Model, Capture screenshots, Generate HRML reports

What you’ll learn

  • You will get complete knowledge on Protractor API to automate any Angular/NonAngular Apps
  • In-depth knowledge of JavaScript

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