Learn Micronaut cloud native microservices with Java

Learn Micronaut – cloud native microservices with Java

Micronaut is a modern, full-stack framework for the cloud with can run natively on GraalVM

Most of the web applications operate in the cloud. Popular frameworks adapted and tried to make it easy. Micronaut was built to be cloud-native and offers: Launcher to get easily started, No Reflection Usage -> GraalVM support, Reactive non-blocking Http Server, Fast and easy testing, Messaging Integrations, Database Access made easy with Micronaut Data. You will be surprise how fast cloud-native applications can be built with Micronaut. The course starts with the basics and moves on to more and more details from section to section.

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What you’ll learn

  • Learn how to use the Micronaut Framework
  • Build a REST API
  • Integrate OpenAPI and Swagger
  • Micronaut data access
  • Messaging with Micronaut and Kafka
  • Micronaut Security with JSON Web Tokens
  • Run your Micronaut application on GraalVM
  • Using Web Sockets with Micronaut
  • Integration Testing with TestContainers
  • Unit Testing with Micronaut

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