Learn LangChain: Build #12 LLM Apps using OpenAI & Llama 2

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Learn LangChain: Build #12 LLM Apps using OpenAI & Llama 2 Udemy Coupons

Learn LangChain: Build #12 LLM Apps using OpenAI & Llama 2

Build Real World LLM powered applications with LangChain, OpenAI, Llama2, Hugging Face. Create Web Apps with Streamlit.

Master LangChain, OpenAI, Llama 2 and Hugging Face. Learn to Create hands-on generative LLM-powered applications with LangChain. Create powerful web-based front-ends for your LLM Application using Streamlit. By the end of this course, you will have a solid understanding of the fundamentals of LangChain OpenAI, Llama 2 and HuggingFace. You’ll also be able to create modern front-ends using Streamlit in Python.

In this course, we will explore the capabilities of LangChain, to build scalable and performant AI applications. You will gain in-depth knowledge of LangChain components, including LLM wrappers, Prompt Template, Chains, Agents, Memory and Document Loaders. Additionally, we will delve into embeddings and vector databases.

What you’ll learn

  • Master the basics of LangChain and the fundamentals of Large Language Models (LLMs)
  • How to Use LangChain, OpenAI, Llama 2, Hugging Face to Build LLM-Powered Applications.
  • Learn about LangChain components, including LLM wrappers, prompt templates, chains, agents, memory and document loaders
  • Learn to apply LLM techniques to personal documents and projects
  • Learn how to use embeddings and vector data stores.
  • Learn about FAISS and Similarity Search.
  • Learn about Pinecone and ChromaDB
  • Project: Create a Simple Chatbot with Llama 2 and LangChain
  • Project: Quiz MCQ Creator Application
  • Project: YouTube Script Writing Application
  • Project: PDF Chat App (GUI) | ChatGPT for Your PDF File
  • Project: Chat with Multiple PDF Documents | Streamlit Application
    Project: Summarize PDF Using LangChain, OpenAI & Gradio
  • Project: YouTube Video Summarizer
  • Project: PrivateGPT- Chat with your Files Offline and Free
  • Project: Support Chat Bot For Your Website
  • Project: Question a Book with (LangChain + Llama 2 + Pinecone)
  • Project: Create a chatbot to chat with multiple documents including pdf, .docs, .txt using Llama 2 ,
  • LangChain/ OpenAI and ChromaDB
  • Project: Create a Custom Chatbot for any Website with LangChain and Llama 2/ OpenAI
  • Project: Creating a Flask API for Automatic Content Summarization using LangChain and Llama 2/ Open AI

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