Learn ggplot2 in R for Data Visualization

Learn ggplot2 in R for Data Visualization

Data Visualization is essential for data analysis and data science, so become an expert in ggplot from scratch!

In this course, I’m going to teach you how to use the ggplot2 package of R to draw amazing charts that are able to communicate what your data has to say in the most polished, professional way. My name is Clara and I am a Complex Systems researcher and Data Visualization professor at the University. Currently, ggplot2 is the best, most powerful tool for building professional graphics. First, because this is a package available in R, which is one of the most used programming languages for Data Science and related fields. So, it is very convenient to be able to produce graphics in the same environment where you already do all of your calculations. Second, because it is the most flexible tool to build graphs. So, even if you don’t use R for your analyses, it is worth it to use ggplot2 to draw your plots, because there’s no other tool that will give you the results that you can achieve using ggplot2.

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What you’ll learn

  • Use ggplot2 starting from the grounds up. No more confusion with ggplot!
  • Create publication-ready plots in seconds
  • Learn how to import data into ggplot correctly
  • Customize the appearance of your plot using the theme system
  • Create your own custom plots: e.g. lollipop plots, dumbbell plots
  • Learn the basics of R that you need to start plotting
  • Learn how to do statistical transformations on your data before plotting
  • Understand of the grammar of graphics, the theory behind ggplot2
  • Learn why ggplot2 is the current best option for Data Visualization
  • Learn the structure of a plot in ggplot and its components
  • Learn how to use the different ggplot geometries
  • Learn how to use the different position adjustments in ggplot
  • Learn how to use scales properly: color, position, date and other
  • Learn how to use scales in manual and identity mode
  • Learn the different coordinate systems and how to apply them
  • Learn how to draw small multiples in ggplot using the faceting system
  • Learn how to draw basic plots, like scatter plots, line plots, or bar charts
  • Learn how to display distributions: e.g. histograms, density plots, boxplots, violin plots
  • Learn how to draw maps: from background maps to annotated choropleth maps
  • Learn how to make highlighted faceted charts
  • Learn how to make any plot look professional
  • (Don’t tell anyone, but you’ll also learn how to draw pie charts)

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