Learn Creative Coding with Vanilla JavaScript Udemy coupon codes

Learn Creative Coding with Vanilla JavaScript

Let’s make art with code and learn object oriented programming with plain vanilla JavaScript in the process

Discover creative coding and go from drawing a single line all the way to complex randomised fractal shapes. Then turn it into a particle system to create ‘fractal rain’ effect. All of that with just plain HTML, CSS and vanilla JavaScript, no frameworks and no libraries. Today we deep dive into HTML canvas drawing techniques and take it step by step to make sure we understand how everything works.

In Generative art the artist creates a process which is then set into motion with some degree of autonomy resulting in a completed artwork. I like to think about it as a human machine collaboration. Today we are the artists and HTML, CSS and JavaScript is the machine. Make your unique piece of art with me and practice your front end web development skills in the process. I will explain every line of code in detail as we go along.

What you’ll learn

  • Explore creative coding with HTML, CSS and JavaScript
  • Learn to draw with code
  • Get deep understanding of HTML canvas drawing techniques
  • Build a complete generative art project

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