WebdriverIO - Selenium Webdriver using Node.js & More!

WebdriverIO – Selenium Webdriver using Node.js & More!

JavaScript Automation Testing – Webdriver IO ‘s next-gen testing framework for Node.js using Selenium Webdriver & more!

Number 1 rated course for WebdriverIO on Udemy. 200+ page e-book of lecture screenshots and notes included to help students revise. Course Updated with 6 hours of brand new up-to-date content! This course teaches you the following technologies Fundamentals of WebdriverIO using version 4 & 5 – Note the the core foundations of WebdriverIO remains the same between versions. WebdriverIO in itself is a JavaScript / node.js implementation of the (Selenium 2.0) WebDriver API. This course covers everything you need to create advanced frameworks using the WebdriverIO’s Next-gen WebDriver test framework for Node.js.

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What you’ll learn

  • Automation testing using JavaScript, WebdriverIO, Selenium, NodeJS, Chai, Mocha, Jenkins, Reporting & More!
  • This is a complete course that will teach you from the basics to building advanced frameworks
  • A free 200+ page E-Book is included to help students learn and revise
  • Continuous Integration & Reporting via Jenkins
  • You are taught good programming concepts such as abstraction, don’t repeat yourself and Page Object Modelling

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