Learn Android Volley:Manipulating Databases Using PHP &MySQL

Learn Android Volley:Manipulating Databases Using PHP &MySQL

Develop with Android Volley library by building real world projects that manipulate databases using PHP and MySQL

This course takes you to the intermediate level of programming with Android Volley library. At First, It shows how download and install android studio, then how to be familiar with the development environment. Next, it explains how to download, set up and configure Android volley library as well as how to install and configure Xampp server.

After that and by using in the server side php language and MySQL database , you make from Android app a several types of requests to Xampp server using Android Volley library classes such as StringRequest, JsonObjectRequest and JsonArrayRequest classes. Also, this courses discusses how to receive and process the response from Xampp server such as string, json or json array format. Finally, this course explains how to request a picture stored in the server side using the powerful library Picasso.

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What you’ll learn

  • Install and configure Android Studio
  • Download and setup Android Volley and Picasso libraries
  • Install and configure Xampp server
  • Use get and post requests using php
  • Make a get or post requests from android using several types of Android Volley classes
  • Process the server response in string, json and json array format
  • Request a picture stored in the server using Picasso library
  • Query MySQL database from Android app

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