Laravel payment processing using the best payment platforms

Laravel payment processing using the best payment platforms

Integrate payment gateways such as PayPal and Stripe in Laravel 6 to receive online payments using its APIs from Laravel

Learn to integrate multiple payment platforms at once in the same Laravel 6 project, using as an example the most popular payment gateways (PayPal and Stripe).Process payments with Laravel 6 and the best payment platforms. Let’s be honest, we currently don’t have time to go line by line reading and understanding the documentation to then test and fail with each platform. For that reason, in this course, I guide you along the direct path, to integrate the best online payment and e-commerce platforms of the current times. EVERYTHING in the same Laravel 6 project.

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What you’ll learn

  • Integrate the best payment platforms in your projects
  • Start receiving payments, integrating the platforms you need
  • Integrate PayPal into your projects, to receive payments online
  • Adapt your projects to use different payment platforms
  • Integrate Stripe to receive payments in your projects
  • Provide multiple payment alternatives to your users (platforms and currencies)
  • Handle payments in different currencies across multiple payment platforms

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