Julia Programming For Beginners Learn Julia Programming

Julia Programming For Beginners: Learn Julia Programming

Learn the Julia programming language using this course and become a Julia Programmer. Learn Julia for data science.

The Julia programming language is said to walk like Python but run like C. Julia was designed from the beginning for high performance while at the same time feeling like a scripting language. Julia isn’t just for Data Science alone, it is also a general-purpose programming language. You can even build a backend web server with Julia and write UI’s.

In this course, you will learn about the Julia programming language and its features. You will start from the basics of using simple Julia variables and move on to more advances topics like plotting data as a graph using the Julia programming language. You will learn how to create a simple web server with Julia, how to connect to a MySQL server and even how to plot a graph from a simple dataset.

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What you’ll learn

  • How To program In Julia.
  • Julia Math Numbers And Operations.
  • How To Create And Use Julia Functions.
  • Work With Complex Numbers In Julia.
  • Create And Manipulate Strings In Julia.
  • Learn How To Use Julia Tuples.
  • Work With Anonymous Functions, Lambda Expressions And Compound Expressions.
  • Learn About Julia Data Structures And Operations That Can Be Performed.
  • Learn How To Work With CSV Files And Display Content As Table.
  • Learn How To Quickly Plot A Graph Using Information From A DataSet.

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