JavaScript for Beginners - The Complete Intro Course [2022]

JavaScript for Beginners – The Complete Intro Course [2022]

Learn Core JavaScript Concepts (Execution Context, Memory, Call Stack, etc.) I Build Projects I No Experience Needed

Welcome to the JavaScript for Beginners course – the most comprehensive beginner course on the most popular programming language used by Software Engineers today, Javascript.

This introductory JavaScript course will be very impactful for you especially if you are early on in your engineering journey.

In this course, you will follow along with other beginner developers as we lead them through the units and will learn a multitude of important concepts starting with what a programming language even is in the first place, and how the internet works giving you a full general picture of the industry to build our knowledge apon.

Then we’re going to move into specific JavaScript concepts like: Variables and Control flow. We’ll learn how we create and store data in our applications and make those applications more dynamic.

We will end the course with Functional Programming and Native Methods, like the Array Push Method and the Object Keys Method which are important built-in features of the language that will be vital to your understanding of becoming an engineer.

What you’ll learn

  • Get a mature understanding of what a programming language is
  • What is an application and a program and how they are used
  • Understand “under the hood” workings of how code actually runs on our computer
  • Become an expert in JavaScript (Execution context, memory, call stack, and thread of execution)
  • Learn how to diagram and effectively technically communicate through your code
  • Learn the foundational skills from first principles that will better set you up for success in development world today

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