JavaScript and React for Developers: Master the Essentials

JavaScript and React for Developers: Master the Essentials

Advance your JavaScript skills and learn the modern approach to web applications by building projects from the ground up

This is a comprehensive introduction to the deeper ins-and-outs of JavaScript, and the modern, increasingly popular framework, React. Whether you are a student or working developer who only knows Java or Python, a wannabe developer who’s learning on their own, an applicant for a coding bootcamp, or a developer who hasn’t touched web technologies in a while, the concepts covered in this course will help you beef up your knowledge, your skills, your resume, and your portfolio.

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In this course, you will:

  • Master fundamental JavaScript concepts like the DOM, Events and Callbacks, and AJAX
  • Call real-world APIs and parse the data in your own web projects
  • Work with the new features of the JavaScript language thanks to ES6
  • Use popular web tooling including npm, Yarn, Grunt, Gulp, and webpack
  • Study the ins and outs of React component lifecycles, state, properties, and other core React concepts
  • Build modern web projects with React
  • Deploy your web applications online for the world to see
  • Take real-world interview practice quizzes as you build your knowledge

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