JAM-Stack; Serving Frontends to the web in the 21st century

JAM-Stack; Serving Frontends to the web in the 21st century

The fastest and most reliable way to get your frontend to your users.

“JAM-Stack” became a buzzword in the past months and is already used by lots of companies/developers that really care about frontend performance, about simplicity and efficiency. In this course, we will explore how the JAM-Stack approach compares to using classical web servers that template the frontend and deliver it to the requesting user. Further, we will build JAM-Stack applications and most importantly we will provision the entire infrastructure that is needed to deploy a frontend. And we will create templates for the infrastructure so that you can roll out the next JAM-Stack in the matter of seconds and never having to worry about it EVER AGAIN! In the end, we will also create a CI/CD pipeline to automatically and continuously deploy your frontend application!

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What you’ll learn

  • Everything to know about the JAM-Stack
  • Real-World usage of the JAM-Stack
  • Modern JavaScript deployment
  • Serving Frontend to the internet

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