iOS Firebase Masterclass - Real time Database and Firestore

iOS Firebase Masterclass – Real time Database and Firestore

Learn Authentication, Cloud Functions, Crashytics, Ads, a Multiplayer game, Push notifications and more.

The course is designed to give a comprehensive overview of the Firebase Framework and will teach you how to integrate multiple firebase features together to create robust applications. You will learn how to “put it all together” as opposed to learning isolated topics alone. Many topics in the course are revisited in subsequent sections of the course to reinforce ideas previously discussed. You will find new use cases and create applications with multiple firebase features as you progress through the course.

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What you’ll learn

  • Learn how to fluidly integrate an authentication workflow, to sign in and manage new users.
  • Create applications that leverage a backend database using the Real-time Database or Firestore solution.
  • Create an application that can upload and download image data using photo library or camera picture data.
  • Create cloud functions that offload work to the firebase server, so your client apps don’t have to work as hard.
  • Integrate Crashlytics into your applications, so you can manage crash reports of your application after you have deployed the app on the Apple app store.
  • Create an app that updates users via push notifications if our backend database updates; yet another use case for cloud functions.
  • Learn how to use Dynamic Links to send out user invites so you can grow your app and brand.
  • Learn how to create and manage the lifecycle of your ads using Google Admob to help grow your app and brand.
  • Learn how to collect and filter analytical data so that you can better understand how users are using your app.
  • Learn how to create applications that uses multiple firebase features simultaneously to create robust and useful applications
  • Learn how to convert a single player Tic Tac Toe game into a multiplayer game. Uses Authentication, Firestore Database, and Dynamic links.

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