Ionic 4 & Angular — Complete Guide to Modern Web Development

Ionic 4 & Angular — Complete Guide to Modern Web Development

A no-nonsense, PRACTICAL approach to real-world project-building with with Ionic and Angular.

All code from this course can be found at the GitHub monorepo (didaktio/Ionic-Angular-Course). The monorepo is broken down into submodules, which are independant repositories also locatable on the didaktio GitHub profile. Attached to every video (in Resources) is a link to the specific repo containing the code used in that video. This is a future-proof course for practical people. Unlike many other such courses, little time is given to theory. Heavy theory about the concepts of Ionic, Angular, Javascript. Web Development, Firebase etc.

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What you’ll learn

  • How to build and publish solid, beautiful web applications and websites using Ionic 4 and Angular 9.
  • The MED (Minimum Effective Dose ) for going from zero to one with Ionic, Angular, TypeScript, and Google Cloud.
  • A no-nonsense approach to developing: goal-oriented learning, project-driven programming, the Just-in-Time approach.
  • Futureproof techniques in web development.
  • Ionic, Angular, Typescript — the latest releases.
  • Firebase, Google Cloud, Kubernetes, Docker, Node.

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