Ionic 4: Learn how to create apps for iOS and Android

Ionic 4: Learn how to create apps for iOS and Android

Create and develop mobile phone applications for Android, iOS and Windows Phone using Ionic 4 and Angular.

With Ionic we can create a code for our application for both mobile devices (iOS, Android and Windows Phone) and web versions. By using JS, CSS, HTML and Angular we can create very powerful multi-platform applications . In this course we will cover everything from the installation of the framework Ionic 4, the components with which we will create our applications to an example application to implement everything that we have learnt. We will create new sections and expand those that we already have based on your doubts and petitions. This course is oriented exclusively to you so that you can learn in the simplest way possible. So, if you have any proposals feel free to contact us.

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What you’ll learn

  • Understand what is Ionic 4
  • Install Ionic 4 Environment
  • Create multi-platform applications for mobile devices
  • Use a great variety of Ionic 4 components
  • Create the design of a mobile phone application for both Android and iOS.
  • Use API’s for any application
  • Navigation among pages sending cross information between them
  • Create different types of applications

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