Ionic 3 with NodeJS: Build a Full Mobile Business Rating App

Ionic 3 with NodeJS: Build a Full Mobile Business Rating App

Build A Complete Ionic 3 Mobile App From Scratch With Node.js REST API Backend

In this course, you will build a mobile application using Ionic 3, Node, and Mongodb database. The front-end of the application is built using the ionic framework while the back-end is built using Express framework. The front-end and back-end are connected via HTTP through the RESTful API created from scratch.

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What you’ll learn

  • Build a mobile app with Ionic, Node, Express and MongoDB
  • Use Mongoose to create schemas
  • Build REST API from scratch
  • Use Node REST API inside ionic app
  • Connect Frontend with Backend code
  • Learn ionic UI components, apis and native plugins
  • Use Ionic Storage Module
  • Use mongodb as database for storing data from ionic app
  • Use cloudinary cloud storage for files
  • Send images from ionic app to node backend through REST api
  • Build rating and reviews functionality inside the ionic application
  • Add Leaderboard and search functionality
  • Deploy backend app to heroku

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