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Introduction to Python Programming Course for Maya Animators

Learn the basics of coding and scripting in Python to create your own tools in Maya.

Welcome to this Introduction to Python Programming for Maya Animators! In this course you will go from zero to a comfortable level of programming knowledge that will allow you to create your own tools, automate tedious and boring parts of your workflow and help yourself and your teamwork a lot more efficiently.

As the title implies, the course will be more relatable to animators, as well as layout and rigging artists, mainly due to the nature of the projects, however anyone working in Maya could benefit from the lectures if they are looking to learn Python programming. Whether you’re just looking to improve your daily work or considering switching to a technical role, I’m sure this course will bring you a step closer to your goal!

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What you’ll learn

  • Learn the basics of programming with Python.
  • Create production-ready tools for Maya.
  • Automate and improve animation workflows.
  • Gain a strong foundation to continue learning programming.

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