HTML & CSS Flexbox: Create Responsive Websites in 2023

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HTML & CSS Flexbox: Create Responsive Websites in 2023

HTML & CSS Flexbox: Create Responsive Websites in 2023

Learn advanced HTML, CSS3 Flexbox, Bootstrap Flex, Media Queries, Jquery and Create Websites with Responsive Design

The course is structured in several sections where the first part (section 2 and 3) is dedicated to the properties used for creating websites using the flexbox model. The section 4 guide to a real webpage, where i create the holy grail layout using 2 methods, one where i use only one dimension layout and later the same layout will be done in two dimensions using nested containers.

With the main layout finished it will be added the content in order to understand how the flexbox will position and align all the content of the page.

After create the first real webpage, it’s time to learn advanced techniques to create layouts, where you can check the great dynamic and versatility of the flexbox model.

At this point you can already create websites to your own projects, and only need to adapt your website to all types of devices, which is why you learn in section 5 to use media queries in site creation.

Section 6 is dedicated to the creation of pages with different kinds of contents, using always the flexbox model, showing the great capacity that this model has for creating multiple web contents (Responsive web galleries/ Forms / Image accordion slider/interactive pages using Jquery)

The course has some documents available that you can follow and can work as your guide, where it is possible to verify the planning and details that I outlined for the creation of the webpage and some details about layouts and some flexbox properties.

What you’ll learn

  • Understand and correctly use the flexbox properties used for flex container and flex items
  • Know the default behavior of flexbox model
  • Understand how to position and align flex items in layout
  • Optimize code with shorthand properties
  • Create a complete layout
  • Use nested flex containers
  • Create, position and align layout content
  • Use advanced layout techniques with :nth-child selector
  • Use of media queries and flexbox properties for responsive web design
  • Create responsive webpages with different kind of contents using flexbox
  • Use of CSS3 properties to create animation and effects
  • Create responsive web galleries, forms and image accordion slider
  • Create interactive pages using Jquery
  • Use of flexbox model with boostrap framework

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