Hands on With Docker & Docker Compose From a Docker Captain

Hands on With Docker & Docker Compose From a Docker Captain

v18.09. Everything you need to build, run and compose Docker containers so you can start using Docker for your web apps.

Learn the Docker Fundamentals and Then Dockerize Your Own Web Apps. This course is meant for anyone looking to improve the way they build and distribute applications. You could be a web developer, sysadmin, operations manager, or someone who is part of an IT / testing / QA team.By the time you finish this course you’ll know everything you need to start using Docker / Docker Compose on your own projects.

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What you’ll learn

  • Understand what Docker is and isn’t
  • Install Docker on MacOS, Windows & Linux
  • Understand Docker’s ecosystem
  • Master Docker’s core features
  • Master Docker Compose’s core features
  • Build, run and push your own custom Docker images
  • Manage real world web applications with Docker
  • Skills to “Dockerize” your own web applications no matter what framework you use

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