Hands-On Data Science with Anaconda

Hands-On Data Science with Anaconda. Develop, deploy, and streamline your data science projects with the most popular end-to-end platform: Anaconda


Anaconda is an open-source platform that brings together the best tools for data science professionals with more than 100 popular packages supporting the Python, Scala, and R languages. Hands-On Data Science with Anaconda gets you started with Anaconda and demonstrates how you can use it to perform data science operations in the real world with ease.

Throughout this course, you will learn how to use different packages, with Anaconda to get the best results. You will learn how to efficiently use Conda — the package, dependency, and environment manager for Anaconda. You will also be introduced to several powerful features of Anaconda. You will learn how to build scalable and functionally efficient packages, and how to perform heterogeneous data exploration, distributed computing, and more. You will learn to discover and share packages, notebooks, and environments to increase productivity. You will also learn about Anaconda Accelerate, a feature that can help you to achieve SLAs easily and optimize computational power.

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