Hands-on: Complete Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking

Hands-on: Complete Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking

Learn Phishing, Password Cracking, Network Scanning, Metasploit Framework with Hands-On lectures and become Hacker

This time I’ve designed my “Hands-on: Complete Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking!” course, just for YOU! In this course, I have listed the web’s favorite ethical hacking / pentesting hacker tools as used by hackers, geeks, ethical hackers and security engineers (as well as black hat hackers).

In this course you will not only learn the whats, but also learn the whys, and hows. We will be starting from the theory, background and trendy free tools used to leverage the most updated attacks in the hacking world. Then we will practice with real-world examples and demos. You will learn with step-by-step examples. In this course, you will first learn how to set up a lab ( Kali Linux ) and install needed software on your machine. Then you will learn Web Hacking and Penetration Testing, Social Engineering and Phishing, Network Scannig Tools, Password Cracking, Network Layer & Layer-2 Attacks, Metasploit Framework and a lot more.

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What you’ll learn

  • Setting Up The Laboratory
  • Install Kali Linux – a penetration testing operating system
  • Install Windows & vulnerable operating systems as virtual machines for testing
  • Discover vulnerable applications
  • Vulnerability scanning, Exploit, Post Exploit, Payload
  • Gain control over computer systems using server side attacks
  • Exploit vulnerabilities to gain control over systems
  • Gathering password hashes, cracking passwords, taking screenshots, logging keystrokes etc.
  • Using backdoors to persist on the victim machine
  • Information Gathering Over the Internet Tools
  • Web App Hacking Tools
  • Social Engineering Toolkit (SET) for Phishing
  • The very latest up-to-date information and methods

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