GraphQL for beginners with JavaScript

GraphQL for beginners with JavaScript

A practical guide that teaches you GraphQL with JavaScript. Optimally paced, No-nonsense. Learn quickly!

This course is for developers who are familiar with JavaScript, and are interested in understanding how GraphQL can improve your applications performance, and significantly improve the developer experience.

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What Will I Learn?

  • What GraphQL is & why you should strongly consider using it instead of REST apis
  • How GraphQL eliminates many of the problems REST api’s experience
  • How GraphQL Avoids Overfetching Data
  • How GraphQL Avoids Underfetching Data
  • How you can avoid many concurrent REST/HTTP requests by using GraphQL
  • What the N+1 Problem is, and how to avoid it with GraphQL
  • How a GraphQL API is easier to learn, because of it’s Discoverability features
  • How to build GraphQL API’s from scratch using JavaScript
  • How to consume a GraphQL API in your applications
  • How GraphQL provides the best possible performance for applications
  • How GraphQL makes teams more Agile
  • How GraphQL helps you to avoid Duplicate Server-side code

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