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Grafana: Learn Grafana Dashboards & Become A Grafana Expert Course

Master Grafana From Scratch – Become A Pro At Grafana For Open Source Data Visualization, Monitor Servers & applications

Start Learning Grafana for Data Visualization Metrics with this Grafana Course. If you’re ready to become Grafana Administrators, or you want to get started to understand Grafana at its core, then this course is perfect for you. You will see step-by-step videos, from beginners with explanations that are easy to understand. This course will also provide many examples that make it easy for you to follow and understand. In the future, you can download Grafana’s dashboard template files, so it is easy for you to create a new dashboard using template files on your system.

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What you’ll learn

  • What are the Basic Requirements for Grafana
  • How to Download and Install Grafana on Windows System
  • How To Setup and Run Grafana on Windows
  • How To Set Up The Interface of Grafana
  • How to Save Your Dashboard in Grafana
  • How to Create Your First Data Source in Grafana
  • How to Create and Manage Grafana Dashboard
  • How to Add Panels and Rows in your Grafana Dashboard
  • Panel Management and presentation oprion in Grafana
  • Overview of Graph Panel in Grafana
  • Explore the Graph, Singlestat, Gauge, Bar Gauge, Table, Text, Heatmap and Logs Panels
  • Visualization Options in Graph Panel in Grafana Dashboard
  • How to use Axes options Graph Panel in Grafana Dashboard
  • How to use Graph Panel – Legend & Other Options in Grafana Dashboard
  • Basic Options of Singlestat Panel in Grafana Dashboard
  • Colouring options of Singlestat Panel in Grafana Dashboard
  • Sparkline Option of Singlestat Panel in Grafana
  • Value Mapping Options of SingleStat Panel
  • The Complete Use of Gauge Panels in Grafana
  • How to Use Bar Gauge Panel of Grafana
  • Table Panel – Data & Paging Options
  • Table Panel – Column Style Options
  • Introduction to Text Panel in Grafana Dashboard
  • The Complete Use of Heatmap Panel in Grafana

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