Golang for Beginners

Golang for Beginners with Hands-On labs

Learn the Go programming language with Hands-On labs

Go or Golang is a programming language developed and maintained by Google. It is a free and open-source language. It’s easy to learn, it’s scalable and it has fast execution. This course requires zero experience in programming or coding. All it takes is some discipline and following our easy-to-understand curriculum. This course won’t just throw content at you. We’ve made sure that what you learn will actually stick. After each module, you’ll get access to practice questions to truly understand the concepts we teach you. You’ll also get access to our hands-on labs. Our labs can be accessed right in your browser without having to set up any lab environment yourself. We validate your work and give you feedback instantly. Our hands-on labs will give you the experience you need to excel in your DevOps career.

What you’ll learn

  • Build programs in Golang
  • Read and make sense of source codes of Open Source applications written in Golang
  • Gain hands-on experience using challenging coding exercises on our labs
  • Understand concepts with animated illustrations in our lectures
  • Get instant feedback on your programs through our lab exercises

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