Go Programming Language (Golang): Kubernetes & Programming

Go Programming Language (Golang): Kubernetes & Programming

Go Programming Language (Golang): Java, Python, Kubernetes & Programming, Networking, Mainframe, Install On UNIX/Windows

My complete Go Programming course will show you the exact techniques and strategies you need to build concurrent programs, learn the best practices for programming, create web applications and configure the Go development environment.

Best Seller Course: Go: The Complete Bootcamp Course (Golang)

What you’ll learn

  • Features of Go Programming
  • Features Excluded Intentionally
  • Compiling and Executing Go Programs
  • Try it Option Online
  • Local Environment Setup
  • Text Editor
  • The Go Compiler
  • Installation on UNIX/Linux/Mac OS X, FreeBSD & Windows
  • Executing a Go Program
  • Tokens in Go
  • Line Separator, Comments, Identifiers, Keywords
  • Whitespace in Go
  • Scalar, Integer, Floating-Point, The Boolean, The Character & Compound Types
  • Variable Definition in Go
  • Static Type Declaration in Go
  • Dynamic Type Declaration / Type Inference in Go
  • Mixed Variable Declaration in Go
  • The lvalues and the rvalues in Go

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