Go (Golang) Programming: Mastering Google's Go Programming

Go: Mastering Google’s Go (Golang) Programming

In this course, you’ll unlock the full potential of Google’s Go programming to build rich and powerful applications.

Welcome to this course: Go: Mastering Google’s Go (Golang) Programming. Google’s Go is an very important programming language. It is the language of the Internet age, and the latest version of Google’s Go comes with major architectural changes. Go is a statically-typed programming language first developed at Google. It has firmly established itself as a favorite for building complex and scalable system applications. It is derived from C with additional features such as garbage collection, type safety, dynamic-typing capabilities, additional built-in types, and a large standard library. With its ecosystem growing in size and its stable architecture, Go offers a strong library for building scalable and high-performance web services and apps. Today, Go is gaining more and more popularity, and becoming an attractive skill as well.

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What you’ll learn

  • Understanding Go Syntax
  • Understanding Go Testing
  • Understanding Go Directory Structure
  • Understanding Go’s Concurrency & Built-in Types
  • Understanding Go (Golang) User-defined Types, Testing & Building
  • Understanding Go Standard Packages
  • Understanding Methods and Interfaces in Go
  • Understanding how to build a complete project in Go

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