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Git Mastery: Beginner to Expert with GitHub & GitLab

Become a professional Git user along with expertise in GitHub, GitLab & Azure DevOps. Step-by-Step no assumptions made.

This course is all about Git and GitHub/GitLab/Azure DevOps. This course comprehensively covers not only Git but also possible Git hosting providers such as GitHub/GitLab or Azure DevOps, which means no prior knowledge or experience is required. Starting from the very basics we will move to more intermediate topics (Branching, Merging, Rebasing, …) and finally progress onto advanced topics such as Submodules, Subtrees, ect & dot repos and more. If those terms are new to you – jump in and you will learn all that and more using multiple practice examples and animated slides.

Become a Git expert with proficiency in Repository/Team Management in GitHub/GitLab/Azure DevOps. This is the most complete and comprehensive Git and GitHub/GitLab/Azure DevOps course, with tons of practical activities enchanted with animated slides for better understanding as well as a 30-page Cheat-Sheet. By the end of this course, you will be the person to ask about Git! Everything will be taught from scratch, from the very basics to the advanced topics. If you truly want to master Git and GitHub/GitLab/Azure DevOps this course is for you.

What you’ll learn

  • Master key Git concepts
  • Perform basic operations such as branching/merging/rebasing/cherry-picking
  • Learn how to solve Merge-Conflicts like a pro using various tools
  • Learn how to perform Pull-Requests (GitHub) & Merge-Requests (GitLab)
  • Use advanced operations such as Submodules / Subtrees / Hooks and more
  • Contribute to public repositories with works and creating pull requests of a forked repository
  • How to revert commits through various ways
  • Learn how to setup a protected branches with permissions in a repository on GitHub + GitLab + Azure DevOps + BitBucket
  • Work the right way with proven Workflows.

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