Git GitHub Beginners Crash Course - Git Practical Bootcamp

Git GitHub Beginners Crash Course – Git Practical Bootcamp

Step-by-Step Hands-on Practical Guide To Git And GitHub With Git Commands, Git Collaboration, Git Cheatsheet & More!

Welcome To Git And GitHub Beginners Crash Course – Git Practical Bootcamp, This course is designed for students who want to get start working with Git and Github. Following step-by-step approach you will learn the commands for efficient code management and understand fundamental concepts behind version control systems following Git architecture. After completing this course you will have hands-on experience working with Git and Github and will be able to use Version Control for your projects.

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What you’ll learn

  • Install And Configure Git
  • Build Rock Solid Foundation In Git And Learn Key-Related Concepts.
  • Step-by-Step Guide Through Entire Git Workflow
  • Manage And Updating Files With Git (Move, Rename, Delete)
  • Revert/Reset Project To Previous Version’s
  • Creating gitignore File To Exclude Files And Directories
  • Collaborate And Share Projects Using Git And Github
  • Learn to inspect Git repository using status and log checks .
  • Learn GitHub and how use and manage the web based Git repository .
  • Learn how to perform Git comparisons between various sections of a Git repository .
  • Learn basic file management in git bash environment .

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