Git Essentials — become a Git and GitHub ninja!

Git Essentials — become a Git and GitHub ninja!

Learn how to use Git and GitHub like a pro by mastering the daily git workflow that every developer uses.

Welcome to Git for Everybody / Git Essentials, This is the updated 2020 version for the modern web developer. In this course you learn everything you need to know about working with Git and GitHub. Git is the secret tool that almost every developer uses but nobody talks about. It’s such a commonplace tool that it’s rarely mentioned on job postings because it’s assumed that, no matter what your skill level is, that you KNOW how to use Git and GitHub. I’ve worked with several teams and companies over the years and everything you’ll learn in this course is what I tend to use almost every day and certainly every week. To learn how to use Git and GitHub does not take 10, 8 or even 6 hours. The truth is Git is a complicated program, but using Git is easy!

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What you’ll learn

  • How Git and GitHub work
  • Learn the entire daily workflow that most developers use
  • Install git on Windows, Mac and Linux
  • Configure SSH for authentication
  • How to clone a GitHub repository
  • Create and use a remote repository on GitHub
  • How to add files to your own GitHub repository
  • Creating git branches
  • How to resolve merge conflicts
  • GitHub issues
  • How to fork a repo
  • GitHub pull requests
  • Staging, committing and pushing files to GitHub
  • Viewing your Git history
  • Git on the command line
  • How to merge git branches
  • View file changes before committing
  • How to fix typos in commit messages
  • How to resolve rebase conflicts
  • How to rebase
  • How to stash your code
  • How to add, delete and list tags
  • What to learn after you’ve learned Git

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