Gatsby JS & Firebase: Build HYBRID realtime + static sites

Gatsby JS & Firebase: Build HYBRID realtime + static sites

Combine super-fast statically generated Gatsby sites & realtime firebase / firestore, cloud functions, storage & more!

Do you want to increase your value as a front-end / React JS developer? Then this Gatsby JS & Firestore with React Hooks course is for you! Level-up your React skillset by learning the Gatsby.js framework with Firebase – this is an awesome HYBRID stack, where we can generate static pages from data stored in firestore, but also allow dynamic and realtime functionality such as login / registration, and realtime chat & comments. We’ll be creating the “Gatsby book club” – and we’ll look at how we can query firestore data with GraphQL using the GraphiQL browser tool.

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What you’ll learn

  • Increase your value as a React developer
  • Set up Gatsby to generate pages from data stored in Firebase
  • Implement a realtime chat / comments section using firestore
  • Provide registration and login functionality using the firebase authentication service
  • Use firebase cloud functions for server-side authentication
  • Use firebase cloud functions with cloud storage for file uploads
  • Learn how to query firestore data using GraphQL from our Gatsby JS app

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