Game Development (Android + IOS): Build 12 Apps & Games

Game Development (Android + IOS): Build 12 Apps & Games

Build 12 Cool Projects — 2048 game, Flappy Bird, Credit Card Validation, Scientific Calculator etc. with Python!!

Welcome to Python Programming world: most popular language skill to have in 2018. You are going to learn every bit of python language in this course so that you can apply your knowledge in real world apps.

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What you’ll learn

  • Will learn about android game development with Kivy & Python
  • Will learn about all of features in Python 3.6
  • Will learn about advanced programming with Python
  • Will learn to make great games and any apps with Python
  • Will cover advance stuffs pf Programming –iterators, generators, decorators & closure
  • Will learn about Pygame module
  • Will learn about GUI with Python
  • Will learn about Object Oriented Programming Principles
  • Will learn to make real world projects with python
  • Will learn to make simple AI with Python that can be implemented in any games
  • Will learn about lambda functions and some higher order functions
  • Will learn about implementation of decorators with Python
  • Will learn about basics game fundamentals
  • Will learn about Lifecycle of android app development with python

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