Full-Stack React with GraphQL and Apollo Boost

Full-Stack React with GraphQL and Apollo Boost

Build and deploy a full-stack React and GraphQL app from scratch with Apollo Boost, Express, and MongoDB

This course is designed for anyone who wants to start building applications with React and GraphQL! In this course, we will build a recipe application from scratch with full authentication (sign up, sign in, sign out), as well as the ability to create, browse, search for, save, and delete recipes. Building this project will give you the skills to to create full-stack React and GraphQL applications from scratch for any theme you like!

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What you’ll learn

  • Make practical, production-ready full-stack applications with React and GraphQL
  • Learn the GraphQL language, how to write queries and mutations both on the client and the server
  • Learn React-Apollo in-depth, including Query and Mutation Components, Nested Components, Optimistic UI and Refetching Queries
  • Understand how to use and set up Apollo Boost within React applications
  • Implement essential web app features such as user authentication, searching, and route protection
  • Authenticate your GraphQL application using JSON Web Tokens
  • Learn advanced React patterns such as higher-order components and render props
  • Discover many useful features of React Router 4
  • Learn and reinforce effective state management patterns
  • Animate your React app with popular component libraries such as React Pose
  • Deploy and redeploy full-stack React applications to the web

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