Full Stack React Bootcamp with .NET API [2023] [10 Projects] Udemy Coupons

Full Stack React Bootcamp with .NET API [2023] [10 Projects] Course

Master React w/ Redux Toolkit & hooks from scratch. Build 10 projects with e-commerce application [.NET API & EF Core]

This course will be hands on course which will give you practical exposure to React with over 25 assignments and 10 projects. We will start with all the basic fundamentals along with advance concepts and related topic to make you proficient as a React.js developer. We will be building backend in .NET API and consume all of that using React.js. You are not required to build the API. That section is skippable, since I will be hosting the API online which can be used for the course. But I do teach and deploy API in the course.

My Goal with this course is simple – being a .NET developer as technology evolves, we have to adapt with front end frameworks. I want one course that will focus on making a backend developer give solid experience in React.js in a manner that is easy to understand and provides extensive depth to master the fundamentals and advance concepts in React.js

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What you’ll learn

  • React 18 Fundamentals
  • Routing with React Router
  • Payments with Stripe API with React
  • Axios Calls
  • Redux Toolkit
  • RTK Query and Mutations
  • File Management in React
  • Authentication and Authorization in React
  • TypeScript
  • Build and deploy scalable API using .NET 7 and EF Core
  • 10 Projects and 25 assignments
  • Learn Best Practices for learning React
  • Deploy React JS Applications to Azure

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