Full Stack development - web app, mobile app, back-end API

Full Stack development – web app, mobile app, back-end API

Angular 6 web app, python Django 2.0 RESTfull API, Cross platform iOS and Android mobile with NativeScript

Three ready to use applications deployed on servers for public use and all that with no costs included. All Frameworks, libraries, tools ans servers cover in this course are completely for free. Source code for all apps included so you can grab it and use whatever you like. No restrictions apply.

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What Will I Learn?

  • Build Websites and Web Apps using Angular framework with JavaScript and Typescript
  • Build Cross platform mobile Android and iOS apps with Nativescript
  • Build Full working back-end API with Django and python
  • Deploy API and Web app on the servers absolutely for free
  • Use Git Version Control
  • Use Pycharm and Visual Studio Code
  • Command Line Interface (npm, angular CLI, nativescript CLI, python with pip)

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