Full Scratch 3.0 Programming Course: Beginner to Advanced

Full Scratch 3.0 Programming Course: Beginner to Advanced

Use Scratch 3.0 to learn universal programming concepts, create games, design apps, make models, and more!

This course focuses on what’s referred to as “block-based programming”, where the developer can drag and drop functions together to create scripts that complete tasks, whether they be simple or complex. This course starts out by teaching the universal basics about computer programming and then increases difficulty, contributing to a cumulative knowledge while reinforcing previously learned material through interactive activities.

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What you’ll learn

  • Become an expert with block-based programming
  • Compatabile with all skill levels and all ages
  • Learn to develop your own quality 2D/3D games and applications
  • Understand the “magic” behind how computer programs actually work
  • Be prepared to take on web development, app development, and game development
  • Build up a solid knowledge of universal computer programming strategies, vocabulary, and logic
  • Get comfortable with graphic, bitmap, and vector design regardless of artistic ability
  • No downloads or software required
  • Free bonus content added on a monthly basis

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