Freemium Principals: Design F2P Games that Generate Revenue

Freemium Principals: Design F2P Games that Generate Revenue

Learn how to Develop & Design Free to Play Games Using Analytics and Monetization that will Gauranteed makes Users Spend

The most comprehensive course on how to Generate Revenue for any Mobile Game. There is no other course like this on the market. You will understand real fundamentals of Freemium and apply them by building analytics in the actual product design from the earliest stages of the development cycle. Since your product generate massive amount of data through interaction, we use that data to maximize conversion and boost user retention.

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What you’ll learn

  • How to efficiently measure Freemium products using Key Performance Indicators
  • Gain an in depth understanding of the Freemium Business Model
  • Market to new and current users
  • Creating product catalogs that sell
  • Learn how using data science in freemium design and development can increase retention, monetize users, and generate revenue
  • Importance of LTV and how it can affect your product
  • Using virality to generate in app revenue
  • Generate Revenue from IAP

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