Masterclass: Improve Your Games by Learning The Unity Analytics

Masterclass: Improve Your Games by Learning The Unity Analytics [BitDegree Coupon]

Learn how to use Unity analytics to your advantage

What Will I Learn?

  • How to Integrate Google Analytics into a Unity Game.
  • How to Measure and Track User Activity.
  • How to Track the Ad Performance in Your Games.
  • How to Track the Popularity of Your Games.
  • How to Track the Number of Users and Their Behavior Patterns.


Would you like to improve your Unity 3D games? Does earning extra money from your games sound good? There are certain tools that can help you do that with ease. One of them is Google Analytics. It allows you to track user activity in new environments, the number of daily active players as well as what they do in your game, and where they get stuck, online vs. offline behavior and much more!

This Unity analytics course will help you learn how to setup Google Analytics into any of your Unity games. You will learn how to capture data about your users’ behavior and engagement, which will help you make your games more captivating and profitable.

Beginner-friendly Course Created by an Expert

In this Unity analytics course, you’ll learn how to setup Google Analytics and use it to your advantage in one hour. This Google Analytics tutorial is super short but also extremely informative. Furthermore, all of the information is presented in short video lessons. So, it’s easy to digest and fun to watch! This tutorial is suitable for both beginners and intermediate Unity 3D games creators. However, having some Unity knowledge might help you out. If you’d like to learn how Unity programming works or how to create a game from scratch, you can find plenty of tutorials for that on BitDegree.

A lot of those tutorials including this one are created by a well-accomplished Unity developer and teacher Yohann Taieb. His courses have helped over 50 thousand students to develop and publish their games and apps. Yohann is a highly experienced teacher. Therefore, he knows how to present complex information in the simplest manner. Also, his courses are almost always project based. Which means that when learning from Yohann you get to work on an actual game or app. That way you remember the information better and can see the results of your hard work instantly.

A Powerful Multitool

Google Analytics is a universal, all-in-one platform which allows you to analyze the performance of your app and the advertisements within it. With Google Analytics you can measure the user activity. Evaluate the effectiveness of in-game ads and target the right player audience with relevant advertising. And this Unity analytics tutorial will cover all of those aspects.

You’ll start with downloading Unity and opening a project called Captain Rocket that is based on a successful game published in app stores. This tutorial will provide all the project files you’ll need for this Unity analytics course. Then you’ll install Google Analytics plugin into Unity and create an online account. After the basics, you’ll move on to tracking in-app purchases, understanding code exceptions, finding and fixing bugs, and learning how much time a player spends on each level.

Earn From Ads Without Ruining the User Experience

Using Google Analytics, you can learn how to earn more money from your games using ads without hurting the user experience. Google Analytics will help you track user behavior when it comes to advertisements. Therefore, you will be able to make an informed decision what kind of ads you can add to your game and when it is a good idea to use them.

At the very end of this Unity and Google Analytics tutorial, you’ll find an additional lecture that will introduce you to advanced tracking techniques that professional use. And the course will explain how you can utilize them by yourself.

By the end of this Unity analytics course, you will be able to install the Google Analytics plugin into your Unity application; track and interpret the data provided by the plugin; program and analyze the user and event monitoring to maximize the ad revenue from your Unity 3D games. Use this Google Analytics tutorial to improve your Unity-based games! Start learning now!

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