Firebase Masterclass - Serverless Angular with AngularFire

Firebase Masterclass – Serverless Angular with AngularFire

Full-stack Development with Angular, Firestore, Firebase Storage & Hosting, Firebase Cloud Functions & AngularFire

In this course, you are going to learn how to design and build Angular applications using a Serverless Architecture by leveraging the whole Firebase ecosystem: this includes the Firestore NoSQL DataStore database, Firebase Security Rules, Firebase Hosting, Firebase Storage and Firebase Cloud Functions. This course will allow you to learn Firebase and NoSQL in a fun and practical way, as you build an application using the Firebase SDK and AngularFire. As we build the application, we will also discuss the main concepts of serverless design.

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What you’ll learn

  • Serverless Architecture Design
  • NoSql Database (Firestore)
  • Serverless Angular development with AngularFire
  • Serverless File Upload with Firebase Storage
  • a full drop-in Authentication solution: Firebase UI and Firebase Authentication
  • Secure client-side data modification operations with Firestore Security Rules
  • High performance, free SSL hosting with Firebase Hosting
  • Image processing with Firebase Cloud Functions
  • Database Triggers with Firebase Cloud Functions
  • REST endpoints with Firebase Cloud Functions

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