Firebase & AngularFire In Depth

Firebase & AngularFire In Depth

Full-stack Development with Firebase, Firestore, Firebase Storage & Hosting, Firebase Cloud Functions & AngularFire

In this course, we are going to take a sample Angular application and we are going to connect it to a Firestore database. We will learn how to do all sorts of database queries and we will provide a complete CRUD example using AngularFire. We will set up the local development emulator from the very beginning, which will allow us to use a local database with predefined authentication users and some initial data.

The emulator will also allow us to test cloud functions locally as well as security rules, which is super convenient. From there, we are going to add security to the application, starting with authentication using Firebase Authentication. We will implement both email and password and social login using the Firebase UI library.

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What you’ll learn

  • Code in Github repository with downloadable ZIP files per section
  • In-depth coverage of the Firestore NoSQL Database
  • Complete Transactional Serverless CRUD Example
  • Email and Social Authentication With Firebase Authentication
  • Full RBAC Role-Based Authorization with Firestore Security Rules
  • Secure Serverless File Upload with Firebase Storage
  • High-performance, free SSL hosting with Firebase Hosting
  • Database Triggers with Firebase Cloud Functions
  • Secure REST Endpoints with Firebase Cloud Functions
  • Serverless Architecture Design
  • Serverless Angular development with AngularFire
  • Full drop-in Authentication solution: Firebase UI
  • Full Production Deployment

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