Ethereum and Solidity: Build Dapp with VueJS

Ethereum and Solidity: Build Dapp with VueJS

Build Decentralized Application using VueJS and Smart Contracts written in Solidity

Learn how to create simple smart contracts. Learn how to develop Decentralized Applications. Intermediate developers who are curious how to create decentralized applications. This course is not for absolute beginners.

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During the course you will learn:

  • how to write basic smart contract
  • how to test contracts in remix – the Ethereum smart contract online editor
  • how to start a dapp project from scratch
  • how to install tailwindcss and start using utility first classes
  • how to config truffle
  • how to deploy our contract
  • how to run local blockchain using truffle
  • how to use VueJS state management(vuex) for managing our dapp state
  • how to write interactive frontends
  • how to use web3js library to connect to our local blockchain

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