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DYDX Pairs Trading Bot Build in Python Running in the Cloud Course

Develop an advanced decentralised trading bot which runs on AWS and sends private messages to your Telegram account

Learn how to interact with the DYDX Layer 2 Ethereum trading exchange using Python by running a trading bot on AWS Elastic Cloud Compute (EC2). Your bot will be highly advanced in trading in being able to take advantage of statistical arbitrage opportunities in Pairs Trading. This is a great strategy to know given how closely linked many cryptocurrencies are in price behaviour. Your bot will be able to message you via Telegram so that you can receive live notifications on how well the script is performing (or not performing). Our Python code will interact heavily with the DYDX API and to ensure you understand how to use the API, a cheatsheet has been provided to fast-track you onto being able to use DYDX.

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What you’ll learn

  • Develop an end-to-end decentralised trading bot using Python
  • Interact with automating Telegram messages directly from your bot
  • Run your code directly in the cloud 24/7 using AWS
  • Discover cryptocurrencies which are strongly linked for pairs trading
  • Learn how to statistically arbitrage cryptocurrencies on the DYDX decentralised platform
  • Learn about Pairs Trading for absolute beginners
  • Work with GitHub and manage a virtual private machine in the cloud via Amazon Web Services

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